Neon Cabinet Make Over


Hi guys! Today I want to share with you a simple, but really effective cabinet make over. How about add some neon accents to your home? I admit I was a little afraid that the result was just too much, but it looks so great, I just love the color boost in my work space!


All you need is the white Helmer cabinet from Ikea, or any other white cabinet and neon spray paint! Make sure to protect the floor with a plastic sheet or just spray paint it outside. Before you start spray paint the cabinet, make sure it is clean and dust-free. Let it dry over night. And most important: have fun!



I hope you like it! Have a nice day :) !


12 thoughts on “Neon Cabinet Make Over

  1. I love it! I am building a desk and I decided to use the $10 ikea trestle and my Helmer as the table legs. Does it work well for you? My tables pretty long so we’re going to support it in the middle. The Helmer cabinet looks a little shorter than the trestle but it looks the same height in your pic. Did you do anything to make it taller? :) Thanks!

    • Hey Kate! Thank you so much for stopping by :) I had the same problem with the height and decided to put the roles under the helmer cabinet. That made it a lot easier, and I balanced the rest of the height difference (which was little) with some cardboard. That totally worked and also the cardboard is great damper between the cabinet and the table top. So that was my secret :)

      • Thanks so much! My problem right now is that it’s on carpet, so the rollers are sinking into the carpet with the weight of all my stuff in the cabinet. :/ right now it has the wheels on but is still about an inch shorter than the trestle.

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