Vintage Family Photos 3D Photo Display DIY


Happy friday everyone! How about going over some old family photos at the weekend?! I love looking through my old photo boxes. When I found these photos I got the idea to make a 3D art project with them. And I must say I`m really happy with the result!


All you need are some old photographs with people standing (this is important to get an easy 3D effect) and a paper knife.


Then start with cutting the silhouette of the persons on the picture. Make sure you don’t cut off the shoes from the rest of the photo! And that’s it! Now you can fold up the persons and see the great 3D effect! If you don’t like to cut your original family photos you can also scan them, print them and glue them on some cardboard.



What do you think of the result?



7 thoughts on “Vintage Family Photos 3D Photo Display DIY

    • Thank you! Normally the paper of the photos is strong enough so when you fold it, it stays. That’s how it worked for me :)

  1. I would highly suggest making copies of the photos and cutting those up. It’s a nice concept but I would sure be uncomfortable chopping up the originals!

    • Hi Sunira thank you for pointing that out. As I mentioned in the post you can always scan the originals and print them on some cardboard, cause I can totally understand if someone doesn’t want to cut the original memories :)

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