Geometric Rug DIY


Happy friday everyone! I hope you are looking forward to a free weekend. Today I wanna share a pretty nice project with you! I finished it a few weeks ago and I am still very happy with the result. Maybe you noticed the geometric rug in my neon cabinet makeover post?


Today I wanna show you how I made this geometric rug for my home office. I bought a simple Ikea rug in a nude color. All you need for this project is some tape and spray paint. Just tape the pattern you like and spray paint the rug. Yeah I told you it’s easy! 



Have a great and crafty weekend! Oh and for those of you, who didn’t see the post with the neon cabinet makeover, you can read it here.


5 thoughts on “Geometric Rug DIY

    • Hello again :) Unfortunately I don’t remember, cause it was some kind of a limited edition and I had the rug for a little while before I started this diy project. If you don’t find a simple and plain-colored rug you can always just buy a patterned one and use the backside of it, most times this side is plain. I hope that helps you :)

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