The Pattern Box & 100 Postcards


I get inspired by a lot of different things. The city, the seasons, little bookstores, creative magazines and of course other blogs! But lately my favorite source of inspiration is the pattern box. The pattern box is curated by the Textile Arts Center in New York and introduces you to ten celebrated pattern designers.

In the pattern box you find one hundred postcards, ten from each designer. I just love the different patterns and designs! Today I wanna show you my favorite postcards from the box and the designers behind it.



The first designer is Hannah Schultz. Hannah Schultz is a textile designer and specialty screen-printing consultant, based in New York. I just love her floral designs and patterns.


Eskayel is a New York based design studio that was founded in 2008 by the artist Shanan Camparano. Shanan has worked in graphic design and in fashion, but is most drawn to interiors. The design studio focuses on apllying an artistic and environmentally responsible approach to interior surface design.


The last artist I want to introduce is Anna Niestroj. Anna is one of the designers behind the experimental studio BLINKBLINK. She grew up in germany and is now a part of the Berlin handmade and DIY scene. The design studio BLINKBLINK is based in Berlin and focuses on pattern design.


Currently I am really in love with the pattern box and I can really recommend it to anybody who is looking for a new source of inspiration. The postcards also make a cute little present :)

Enjoy your saturday!


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