Happy Father’s Day


Happy father’s day everyone! If you are still looking for a small gift I have a great little origami project for you. Have you heard about the money shirt, that is made from a dollar bill? 

I just took the measurements of a dollar bill, which are 2.61 inches (6.63 centimeters) by 6.14 inches (15.60 centimeters) and made a cardboard template. Then I used the template to cut out some origami paper with the right measurements. This origami is not super simple, but its possible. ;) I used this video-tutorial and it worked out pretty good.



Have fun crafting and enjoy your day :) !

9 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Oh gosh, my heart skipped a beat when you said Happy Father’s Day before I realized you must be over seas. I almost thought I forgot! Anyways, these are adorable. I’ll definitely make one for my father in law!

    • haha don’t worry ;) You should definitely try it! It is a pretty easy tutorial and the result is just so cute :)

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