Moving Forward – Everything New (s) !

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-25 um 11.21.31

Hi Guys! It’s been way to long since I`ve posted something on this blog, but I was working on a little new project. When I started this blog, I just want to try how it works, how it makes me feel and how it helps me being more creative. I did not put so much work into the blog design at first, cause I was not sure if everything will work out the way I imagined. But I should have known me better..

Actually it did worked out pretty well! The blog really makes me happy in some way, and I love how you guys respond to the posts and how some of my ideas get featured at blogs I read for years and really love! That all was really exciting and soon I realized I wanna make this right. Since the blog turned out so well and I am person who really cares about design, I needed a new design, which really fits me and my ideas. But there was another thing holding me back and so I made another decision for my new blog. First I want to write in English to improve my writing and learn something while blogging. But when you come home after an exhausting day of work and need to translate an easy recipe in another language working with measurements you never used before, its really hard and not so fun at all. And thats the point – blogging should be fun, right? So unfortunately (for my english-speaking readers) I will move on writing in German. I hope you guys can understand ;) In addition to the new blog, there is also another thing I want to introduce to you and that is Pretty Nice Paper. An own little handmade paper label is a big dream of me, for a long time now, and now I finally get started. The shop is empty I know, but products will be only pretty soon So I hope to see you guys on the new blog and maybe you wanna also take a look at my etsy shop in the future:) Thanks for reading!


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