Marshmallow Chocolate Cupcakes

Happy Tuesday everyone! The monday is behind us, so lets celebrate this fact with some marshmallow chocolate cupcakes. If you guys have read this blog before, you probably know that the recipes looks more difficult than they are. Cause I`m always looking for an easy way to bake some sweet treats like these cupcakes.

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Espresso Bundt Cakes


I just love bundt cakes, especially the mini ones. They are mostly easy to make and look pretty cute. Also you can make them pretty fancy with a little extra love! I made espresso bundt cakes last weekend and they were more than delicious!

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Sweet & Salty: Peanut Butter Pretzel Cupcakes


I think you can never get enough new baking ideas, right? I really loved my mint chocolate mini cake from saturday and I am in the mood for more baking. So let`s make some cupcakes! For those of you, who just can`t decide if you feel like sweet or salty today, these chocolate peanut butter pretzel cupcakes are just the right mix between sweet and salty!

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Chocolate Mint Mini Heart Cake


Good Morning! Today I have a very special post for you. Moni and Sara from Feines Handwerk are celebrating their first blog birthday. For this occasion they came up with a very great idea. For their virtual birthday party they want everything in mint (their blog design is mostly mint)! Since I love mint (very much) and also really enjoying their blog, I just have to participate! So this is my chocolate mint mini heart cake. Continue reading