Marble Succulent Planter DIY


Succulents are kind of my favorite plants, mostly because they don’t need much care. This little survivors store the water in their leaves and it’s really not a problem if you forgot to water them. I am planning to make my own succulent planter for a little while now and yesterday I finally did it.


This DIY is pretty simple. All you need is a planter of your choice and some marble foil. I bought all of it and the succulents in the hardware store. Glue the marble foil carefully at the outside of your planter. Yay! You made your own marble planter!



At the bottom I filled the planter with some stones and I also used special succulent soil to plant my succulents in my new marble planter. I did not find the perfect place for my new succulents yet, but I am totally in love with the marble planter. I hope you like it! Have a great day everyone :)

3 thoughts on “Marble Succulent Planter DIY

  1. Hey!
    This planter is awesome, really clever idea and looks stunning. I am adding your blog to my reading list and waiting form more great DIY projects :)
    Wishes from rainy London

    • Thank you so much for the kind words :) I am really happy you like the blog so far, it`s sooo good to hear :)

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